Our Mission

The mission of the Washington Council of Trout Unlimited is to conserve, protect and restore cold water fisheries, their watersheds, and ecosystems as a means of maintaining our quality of life. Washington Council of Trout Unlimited does this by promoting effective fish management decisions, and by taking an active part in habitat restoration and fish production projects. We communicate to the general public about the needs of our fishery resources through our participation in various aquatic education programs throughout the state of Washington, and we work closely with other recreational fishing and conservation organizations in promoting legislation affecting our cold water fisheries.


About Washington Trout Unlimited 

The Washington Council of Trout Unlimited (WCTU), formerly the Northwest Steelhead & Salmon Council, is an affiliate of the national organization of Trout Unlimited whose headquarters are in Arlington, Virginia. WCTU is a volunteer non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation made up of 30 chapters with a membership of over 5,000 that consists of both recreational anglers and conservationists of all ages throughout the state of Washington.


Washington Trout Unlimited's Meetings

WCTU officers are elected on a yearly basis at its Annual Meeting in September: President/CEO, Conservation Vice President, Operations Vice President, Membership Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and five Area Directors. Officers, appointed committee chairs, and coordinators are all members of the Executive Board. Individual chapters elect their own officers and board of directors. WCTU meets three times a year: January, May, and September. The Executive Board meets three times a year: March, July, and November. WCTU is a grassroots based organization of volunteer members which are represented at WCTU meetings by chapter presidents and fellow chapter delegates. All members of WCTU may attend any WCTU meeting, Executive Board meeting, or committee meeting.